Venus in Furs, Leopold van Sacher-Masoch


From the ROADS Classics series, which aren't just an enthralling read, they are also beautifully designed works of art featuring individual photographs or illustrations that represent major themes from the stories within. A real treat for all book lovers.

This is a story about sexual obsession, cruelty and humiliation, and although it was written in the late nineteenth century the psychological power of the novel still resonates with a modern audience. Severin von Kusiemski is obsessed with the Greek goddess of love, and is consumed by the desire to be dominated. When he meets his voluptuous neighbour, Wanda von Dunajew, he is enthralled, and convinces her to enter into a contract: she is to be his Mistress, he will be her slave. So they travel from the harsh Carpathian slopes to verdant Italy, where Severins once-reluctant Mistress embraces her power with an icy fervour, testing her slaves devotion to breaking point. Venus In Furs is one of the original pieces of erotic fiction - and turns the table on tradition with the woman playing the role of the dominant partner.

Published by Roads
165 pages
130 x 190 mm.
ISBN: 9781909399556

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