The Baffler Issue 39: The Organisation of Hatreds

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Henry Adams defined politics as “the systematic organisation of hatreds.” Behold Baffler no. 39, wherein the contributors plumb the depths of the ever-destabilising, digitally deranged neoliberal order.

Jonathon Sturgeon examines how civil wars have spread across the globe right under the noses cultural arbiters celebrating our “long peace.” Scott Beauchamp explores how the development of video games has mirrored the imperatives—and drawn directly on the funding and expertise—of the Pentagon.

In the sphere of cultural confrontationAndrew Hartman surveys the changing face of the culture wars in the political moment of #MeToo and the Parkland student protests, while Maximillian Alvarez ponders the future of generational conflict in an era of seemingly permanent austerity. Barbara Ehrenreich asks whether we’ve been misapprehending the motives of patriarchal predators, and Robin West looks at how harassment law has perversely codified certain kinds of unwelcome sexual attention as a cultural norm.

Meanwhile, Lucy Ives and Yasmin Nair consider the language tossed about in the hallowed halls of our corporatised universities. Lauren Oyler examines the barren landscape of contemporary fiction and the strange career of Helen DeWitt, one of America’s great living novelists. Jacob Siegel tells the strange tale of crypto-anarchist gun merchant Cody Wilson. And Jason Linkins revisits the truth-averse efforts of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth as the origin of many of the worst features of the Trumpian propaganda machine. The unilateral disarmament of the liberal mind before such challenges functions as the great enabler of our new millennial age of hatred.

May/June 2018

136 pages
215 x 245 mm.
ISBN 725274293667

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