Source Issue 96 - Winter 2018

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Our attitude to photographs seems to encompass our contradictory feelings about privacy today. We are increasingly intolerant of being photographed in public but ever more willing to expose ourselves in photographs online. This has political, societal and legal consequences that are explored by our interview with Camille Simon and Laura Cunningham's article on the evolving law of privacy.

Rachel Glass's work came out of her experience of moving from Northern Ireland to London and not having a close network of family and friends to hand. This led into research on touch with a focus on the increasing sense of physical isolation experienced by many people. One antidote to this, which Glass photographed, are 'cuddle parties' which offer participants non-sexual physical intimacy. Glass explores how impactful touch can be on our inner world.

This issue has a new feature on overlooked archives of photography starting with the the work of Maurice Hobson. The retrospective feature on an established photographer looks back at the work of Gillian Wearing. Catherine Grant interviews Wearing beginning with her famous series from 1992-3, Signs that say what you want them to say and not Signs that say what someone else wants you to say.

Published by Source
86 pages
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ISBN 9771369222044