Printing Secrets: Press Checking

The Library Project


12pm Sun 13 May
At The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin 2

Who is this for?

Are you thinking about printing your portfolio? Publishing your first book? Starting a magazine? Avoid major mistakes and learn from experience. After choosing the format, paper and the printer find out the secrets of press checking to achieve the best results. This process can be very painful and frustrating if you don’t know what to expect and how to prepare yourself. BLOW Photo Founder and Editor will walk you through this process, share years of experience to save you time, stress and lots of tears during the last stage of your creative process.


The purpose of this seminar is to inform and advise photographers on the best way to go through the press check, how to prepare yourself for this final process of printing and what to expect on the day. You will learn what you need to know in advance to avoid typical mistakes and save time and paper, gain an insight into what changes can be still made on the press and what you need to learn to accept, what to look for while checking the pages and how to achieve the closest result to your expectations.

Topics Covered

  • the basics of press checks
  • how to prepare for a press check
  • a checklist of what to look for
  • the list of things for which it is too late once the plates are on the printing press
  • samples from BLOW Photo


Agata Stoinska founded BLOW Photo in 2010. BLOW Photo was created to promote and support photography through publications, talks, workshops, exhibitions and educational events. Over the years, BLOW Photo have been discovering and sharing fine art photography in the BLOW Photo Magazine publication. BLOW has published 16 issues, showcasing almost 300 photographers, exhibited Irish work at the European Month of Photography in Berlin, collaborated with Southeast Museum of Photography in Florida and most recently with Hamburg Triennial.

As a photographer herself, Agata understands other photographers and nuances of each artwork. She empathises with expectations and frustrations when it comes to printing artwork. During press checks for BLOW Photo magazine, the editors put lots of care and attention to each print, focussing on the quality and fighting for every detail.


The Critical Academy offers a growing series of seminars around key aspects of contemporary Arts practice aimed at developing and strengthening key skills and mindsets, taught in participatory environments with clear and focused aims.

The Critical Academy opens up a new radical space to learn, research and examine contemporary art practices around Photography and their contexts, as much as the arts management and cultural policy that affect them.

The seminars look at very specific skills that are commonly considered secondary in the teaching of artistic practices, mostly focused on methodologies and theory. We consider these skills not complementary but fundamental for a sustainable practice and a wholesome life, and they contribute to a continuous self-development.

These relate to essential aspects and core values of a stable Arts practice, from daily administration routines, to competence in resolving grant aid paperwork, and understanding the importance of applied self-discipline; others refer to entrepreneurial matters, acknowledging both the artist’s output and the artist’s needs.