Masterclass on Research, Narratives and Platforms with Laia Abril (SOLD OUT)

The Library Project

11-2pm Fri 4 May
At The Library Project, 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin 2

This intense masterclass led by artist Laia Abril aims to provide participants with a series of tools and strategies to enhance the storytelling within their own projects. Abril’s research-based work revolves around conceptualisation and interpretation of facts, working with photography, video and mixed media installations. Trained as a journalist and through her experience as a photographer, bookmaker and art director, Abril has developed a collaborative creative method to construct, analyse and refine narratives across a number of platforms. Examples of her work methodology will act as triggers for participants to think laterally about their own projects.


The Critical Academy offers a growing series of seminars around key aspects of contemporary Arts practice aimed at developing and strengthening key skills and mindsets, taught in participatory environments with clear and focused aims.

The Critical Academy opens up a new radical space to learn, research and examine contemporary art practices around Photography and their contexts, as much as the arts management and cultural policy that affect them.

The seminars look at very specific skills that are commonly considered secondary in the teaching of artistic practices, mostly focused on methodologies and theory. We consider these skills not complementary but fundamental for a sustainable practice and a wholesome life, and they contribute to a continuous self-development.

These relate to essential aspects and core values of a stable Arts practice, from daily administration routines, to competence in resolving grant aid paperwork, and understanding the importance of applied self-discipline; others refer to entrepreneurial matters, acknowledging both the artist’s output and the artist’s needs.