Ireland Venice 2009 - Gareth Kennedy, Kennedy Browne, Sarah Browne

The Library Project

Published by The Dock
56-64 pages
17 cm x 24 cm
3 publications held together with a black elastic band.
Embossed softcovers, Swiss binding, illustrated throughout
ISBN 9780955395048
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Ireland's presentation at the 53rd International Art Exhibition seeks to foreground two artists (but three practices) who operate without commercial gallery representation. The engagement of / with people forms a central element of their practice, and art is at the core. The technically accomplished and visually engaging artworks they produce exist as the gravitational centre for explorations around identity, labour, craft, design, globalisation, economics, language, architecture, beauty, money, value and being human. As a consequence their work operates both within and beyond the traditional ideas an art world affords itself. This presentation is reflected in the book itself, comprising as it does three books Gareth Kennedy, Sarah Browne and the book of their combined practice Kennedy Browne.