Iceview Volume 1



ICEVIEW Volume 1 is a bilingual collection of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art inspired by Iceland. The works in this volume explore the impact that geology and environment have on identity, investigate questions of displacement, community, (un)belonging, and the ethics of contemporary travel. 

Featuring work from: Soffía Bjarnadóttir, Kimberly Anderson Ritchie, Frank Herrmann, Simone Darcy, Jayoung Yoon, Margaret Hester, Christiane Peschek, Barbara L. Reimer, Rose Draper, Marie Mons, Megan Perra, Hanne G, François Quévillon, Jérémy Pailler, Anja Teske, Emma Gibson, Grace Coberly, and Cornelia Theimer Gardella.

96 pages
130 cm x 200 mm
ISSN: 25476491

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