From Japan

The Library Project

Published by Counter Print
168 pages
170×230 mm
ISBN: 9780957081659

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From Japan is a celebration of graphic design from Japan. The book is a collection of work from some of the most talented agencies in Japan such as Nendo, MR Design, Grand Deluxe, Daikoku Design Institute, The Simple Society and many more.

Japan boasts a culture that prides itself on harmony, balance and exquisite design. Japanese graphic design today is unique in that it unites traditional and modern aspects of design which can manifest itself in the same designer sometimes creating design that are extremely traditional and at other times highly modern. No Japanese designer, however, seems to feel the slightest sense of contradiction in this phenomenon. Some traditions, although ancient, still discreetly govern design and much of life in Japan and this is pleasing to witness in a time of such change within industry.