Emma, Jane Austen


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From the ROADS Classics series, which aren't just an enthralling read, they are also beautifully designed works of art featuring individual photographs or illustrations that represent major themes from the stories within. A real treat for all book lovers.

Young, rich, witty, carefree, and cheerfully oblivious; Emma Woodhouse has a charmed life, and while she harbours no interest in marriage herself, she delights in arranging the unions of others. But her enthusiasm is wont to override her sense, and as she tangles herself in the love lives of her friends and neighbours, she is forced to reflect on her own imperfections. The result is an effervescent comic romance, in which Emma fumbles through the complex world of matchmaking towards self-awareness, and perhaps even a happiness of her own.

Published by Roads
528 pages
130 x 190 mm.
ISBN: 9781909399495

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