Consented Issue 7: Class and Capitalism


Issue 7 of Consented focuses on Class & Capitalism. This features over 100 pages of artwork and articles exploring the age old conversation about race and class, what it's like to live under capitalism, as well as what moving beyond capitalism might look like.

Living Under Capitalism:
Maddy Winters - Dying within our means - a focus on austerity Britain 
Rita Issa & Timesh Pillay - Society through the NHS lens
Eleanor Lindsey - Intersecting Disability, Class & Capitalism 
Amit Singh - Sport and the Reproduction of Capitalism 
Ikamara Larasi - The Undoing: Reconciling Capitalism and Motherhood 
Lisa Fratini - Where’s my Mr Big? Love as a tool for the Neo-liberal Oppressor

Race, Class and Capitalism:
Gargi Bhattacharyya - Bear baiting: The battle between race and class 
Luke de Noronha - Class struggle and the right to move 
Siana Bangura - ‘Marx and Engels were white men too’: Bringing class back into intersectionality 
Qaisar Siddiqui - Dagenham, Interrupted. 
Robin Bunce - Class and resistance

Beyond Capitalism:
Zak Suffee - Reform versus Revolution 
Alfredo Saad-Filho - Neoliberalism, the Working Class, and the Twin Crises of Democracy 
Pascoe Sabido - Climate change and a post-capitalist vision 
Will Stronge - A World Without Work 
Kam Sandhu - How British Media Works and The Media We Need 
Co-editors - Capitalism as Ideology & Imagining Alternatives

93 pages
210 x 270 mm.
ISBN 9772515620004

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