212 Magazine: Eyes, Issue 6

212 Magazine

212 Magazine is a large-format, international, biannual magazine based in Istanbul. It’s a publication about art and society and each issue will tackle various universal subjects within a distinct theme, through long-form writing, short fiction, photo essays and interviews. 212 is a playground for photographers, artists and writers to communicate their thoughts on any given subject matter. The aim is to collide the worlds of photography, art, fashion, and culture at large, with an in-depth editorial identity that affectionately merges the past with the present, as 212 like to call it the ‘long-now’.

In The Eyes Issue:

  • Interviews with Maurizio Cattelan, Jonathan Barnbrook and Remo Ruffini
  • Fashion stories by Turkina Faso and Laura Maire Cieplik
  • Photo essays by Alex Prager, Sacha Goldberger and Christian Tagliavini
  • Artworks by Goshka Macuga
  • Short stories by Sait Faik Abasiyanik, Ayşegül Savaş, Sine Ergün and Remy de Gourmont
  • An illustrated story by Maira Kalman
  • A gut-wrenching installation of animal interviews by Eva Kot’átková.

168 pages
280 × 385 mm
ISBN 9772458956000

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