VOX 80-83, Garry O'Neill (Ed.)

Hi Tone Books

Founded by Dave Clifford in 1980, Vox was a seminal early-eighties Dublin magazine featuring avant-garde art, post-punk music and youth subcultures.

Over its fifteen issues Vox featured a diverse array of music, ranging from Throbbing Gristle to Christy Moore. Conceptual and performance artists such as Alastair MacLennan, Andre Stitt and John Carson appeared alongside broadsides, manifestos, photographs and visual art.

Vox also included original writing from Mark E Smith, Jon Savage, Morrissey, Mark Perry, Jon Langford, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Genesis P-Orridge, as well as Irish contributions from Cathal Coughlan, Sean O’Hagan and Gavin Friday.

With an international subscriber base and a clean and consistent design aesthetic, the magazine was pioneering in its coverage of experimental and avant-garde post-punk.

Vox’s assured attitude of self-determination and self-expression acted as a guiding light and source of encouragement to Dublin’s increasingly leftfield arts community during a vibrant and creative period for the city.

Including facsimiles of all fifteen issues and with additional insights, reflections and academic analysis, this timely reissue of Vox makes available again a significant cultural document of the post-punk era.

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