Useful Advice for Photographers, Ivars Gravlejs


"Gravlejs’ work prior exemplifies humour and a feeling of the marginal artist."
- Brad Feuerhelm, American Suburb X

A lot of people think that for a good picture it is enough to buy an expensive camera and then success will be guaranteed. But ­without careful studying and many years of practice a good picture is ­possible to make only by accident. Once you decide to photograph, think carefully about what you want to ­picture, do not forget about the composition and lighting, do not get upset, relax and concentrate on the subject.

The gold standard for photographers, including 80 pieces of advice from Latvian photographer Ivars Gravlejs.

Published by dienacht 
Edition of 500
Softcover - presented as a lanyard, with neck strap
32 pages
120 × 190 mm
ISBN: 9783946099154

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