Project Cleansweep, Dara McGrath

Kehrer Verlag

''Project Cleansweep takes its name from a Ministry of Defence report issued in 2011. The report assessed the risk residual contamination at sites in the United Kingdom used in the manufacture, storage, and disposal of chemical and biological weapons from World War I to the present day. Over 4,000 square kilometres of the landmass was appropriated for military use in the 20th century. Photographs of more than eighty sites take us to Dorset and Devon, the Peak District, the woodlands of Yorkshire, and the countryside of the Salisbury Plain, from the coastlines of East Anglia, the West Counties and Wales to the remote Scottish Highlands and the Irish Sea. The pastoral myths of the bucolic British landscape – of simple nature, a golden past – are disrupted by material realities embedded in the landscape itself.''

This intro is adapted from The Mustard Gas in Sherwood Forest, by Deborah Lilley and Dara McGrath, published by Places Journal, June 2016.)

Published by Kehrer Verlag
215 pages
245 x 205 mm
ISBN 9783868289671

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