Nuevos Relatos Fotograficos - A New Generation of Photographers

La Fabrica


A New Generation of Photographers is a statement about a new generation, bringing together important works by 16 young photographers. Almost all the participants, from various countries, were born in the 1970s and 1980s. The selection focuses on photographers working in Catalonia and Spain.

This exhibition offers a perspective on new modes of photographic expression in the twenty-first century. The most noteworthy characteristic of the momenthas been the rise of groups—or series—of photographs, where stories unfold inways that are narrative, documentary, conceptual and poetical.

In terms of subject matter, the photographic series presented here contemplate and consider some of the fundamental and defining questions of our time. All told, they constitute a reflection on the human condition in these nascent years of the new millennium.

Published by LA FABRICA
128 pages
166×235 mm
ISBN: 9788416248872

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