In Quarta Persona, Martin Errichhiello & Filippo Menichetti


"And he is mad eye of the fourth person singular of which nobody speaks And he is the voice of the fourth person singular in which nobody speaks and which yet exists."

According to French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, the fourth person singular is the result of combining different points of view. Linguistically this combination takes the shape of “free indirect discourse” where the narrator is literally unrecognisable. A sort of transcendence, a linguistic paradox that finds its logic, its essence, in its indefinable.

During its creation, the book you’re holding has undergone an expressive disruption of similar value, finding its shape in accumulation, its time in dispersion, its idea in conflict, its subjectivity in the act of research itself. In History, the voice in which nobody speaks and which yet exists, it has found its narrative, its spinning compass.

A thin strip of land in the womb of the Mediterranean sea has been witness — victim and perpetrator - to this journey: Calabria. Case - study of this research, a two-man job realised between 2015 and 2018, it is the geographic and metaphorical perimeter within which In Quarta Persona organises its visual ecosystem.

Skeletons, myth and barricades; butterflies, miracles and rubble; family, emancipation and isolation; utopia, revolt and disappearance. Silhouettes impressed there by History: in those landscapes that, through the chaotic and naive plasticity of images, we try to exhume and to set in a rigorous, frenzied dialogue. Natural, social, political, familial, artificial; photographic, historical, imaginary, metaphysical; belonging to memory, individual and collective: could the landscape be the subject in fourth person in which nobody speaks and which yet exists?

Published by Skinnerboox
Edition of 500
168 pages
200 × 270 mm
ISBN: 9788894895131

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