Cuadernos Terranova #2: I Saw Three Different Moons Tonight, Carla Pérez Vas


Published by Terranova
40 pages
25.5 cm x 18 cm
Soft cover, linen paper, staple bound
ISBN: 9788494418723

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I Saw Three Different Moons Tonight is a compilation of photographs taken by Carla Pérez Vas, composer and guitar player with music band Mourn, during her first North-American tour.

Despite of her role as musician, Carla’s gaze takes us to a totally different place than the usual rock and roll clichés, not only male ones, which she evidently leaves aside, but also those of women in rock that vindicate the roughness and aggression typical of being on the road. Carla’s images are sweet, serene and unpretentious. They capture details, pauses, tranquillity and simplicity. With an inquisitive eye, and without renouncing to love and sex as a necessary vertex of the teenage trip, she again deconstructs topics by portraying with her camera only one romance, rather than several trophy-like one-night stands, presenting an image of a man far from the fetish, and closer to a companion and partner. A small gem effortlessly created, at least in appearance, which multiplies its value even more, if possible.

With its new Cuadernos collection, Terranova wants to bring to light a series of minor but nonetheless relevant works. Projects that might be deemed too brief to become books but are too brilliant not to deserve to appear on paper and get rescued from the black hole of periodical publications and on-line contents.