Attention Seekers, Miriam O'Connor

The Library Project

Published by PogoBooks
32 Pages
Full Colour Offset
21 x 15  cm
ISBN 9783942547154

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We spend much of our daily lives caught up in busy routines, unobservant of the curious details that make up the visual world we are passing through. Attention Seekers is a body of work which lingers on these often overlooked traces, singling them out with an attentive and subtle gaze that imbues them with a mysterious and magical vitality. The subjects of these images solicit attention – that of the photographer and, ultimately, of the viewer – with their strangely insistent and often subtly unsettling juxtapositions, shapes and colours. Modest or minute elements are reoccurring motifs across the series, where, time, location and horizon lines are regularly obscured - comparatively hazy. Full of ambiguous clues and mischievous suggestions, the images represent, above all, a deep curiosity around looking and seeing, and a preoccupation with the impression that these scenes in some way return the gaze.