AMC2 Journal #8

The Library Project

Published by Archive Press at the Archive of Modern Conflict
Photographs collected and edited by Thomas Sauvin. Design Mei Shuzhi.

68 Pages
19.3 x 6.6cm
Fan sampler in a PVC box
ISSN 2048-4135

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from The Library Project at 4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Issue 8 of Amc2 features a selection of full-length portraits, some black & white and others hand-coloured, made in Chinese studios between the 1930s and the 1980s. This serendipitous reunion of 60 anonymous portraits reveals – through the dress codes and behavioral mores they present – fragments of the history of Chinese society and ideology.

Selected as one of the Photo-Eye Best Photobooks of 2013

"MC2 Issue 8: Quan Shen, is the most cleverly designed of AMC2’s publications to date, and pays special attention to the power of the object. One can't quite describe it as a book, though it definitely is that — it's also a small sculpture. I’ve showed Issue 8 to some friends, a few others have encountered it without introduction. The response has universally been one of confusion, curiosity and mild intimidation — most have asked for permission to touch it. In its case it stands as a small black monolith with glimmering yellow edges. Slide it from the Lucite and you encounter a fan of images, bound like a book of swatches. On each card is a portrait, a collection featuring Chinese citizens taken between the 1930s and 80s, part of the enormous photo archive amassed by Thomas Sauvin. "
- Sarah Bradley, Photo eye