Across the Cut, Krass Clement

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Across the Cut is a book about The Cut, an artificial waterway which divides Bristol and was built in the early 19th Century to help to create a floating harbour. It is about 3 kilometers long and divides Bristol, with the traditionally more affluent part being located on the North side. Most of Krass Clement’s pictures were taken on the South side. These images were made in the run-up to the UK referendum on future membership of the European Union. The notion that Britain may leave the EU troubled Krass Clement  deeply, and no doubt it influenced his mood and perception while making the work.

The ambiguities of being left behind, loneliness, feelings of limbo and powerlessness are present in all of Krass Clement’s books and are not place-specific, but nonetheless few show this as powerfully as his images around Bristol’s Cut.

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128 pages
250 x 280mm
ISBN: 9781999727543

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