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People of the Mud is a powerful new series by Berlin-based US artist Luis Alberto Rodriguez, made collaboratively amongst the communities of County Wexford in Ireland, where ancient tradition and modern life rub shoulders daily. The project was realised during a residency at Cow House Studios in Co. Wexford, and first exhibited during PhotoIreland Festival 2019. The residency was initiated and funded by the Futures Photography Platform and PhotoIreland.

With a background in professional dance, Rodriguez’s work pays tribute to the metaphorical weight of centuries of physical labour behind cultivating the landscape and maintaining cultural heritage. Images of scarred limbs and hands, from the field and from sport, function as a cartography of these bodies, as culture both shapes and is shaped by the individual. Elsewhere, we see the exaggerated glamour of modern female Irish dancers taken out of the glitzy ballrooms and into the fields, creating a rupture across time and space. Rodriguez was also struck by the intense physicality of the sport of hurling.

Considered to be the fastest sport on grass, while watching slow-motion footage of hurling Rodriguez saw that within seconds the players would go through pushing, shoving, grabbing, hugging, knocking each other down and then lifting one another up. Rodriguez worked with players to reform these gestures: creating sculptures out of bodies, directing and literally layering players upon one another. 

Published by Loose Joints
Texts by Tim Walker and Orla Fitzpatrick
114 pages
230 × 275 mm
Hardcover, in handmade slipcase
ISBN 9781912719143

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