Space Issue 6


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This sixth issue of Space Magazine is dedicated to taking another look at objects that seem ordinary or everyday, at people you somehow never met. It’s about that flood of recognition, sensing what you lost or maybe never had, a place or object that you somehow missed before. It’s a whisper of a feeling. The theme – look again, look closer – arrived on a balmy afternoon in Rome this summer, looking at an exhibition by the great American photographer Sally Mann at the Gagosian gallery. Sally is of course celebrated for the images she took of her children growing up. For this series, she had documented the studio of her close friend, the artist Cy Twombly for ten years before his passing in 2011. Twombly hated having his picture taken, so Sally’s portrait is of the creative process itself – his prolific chaos and appetite for colour. 

Published by Moon
ISBN: 977224662600906

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