On our Doorstep, Faolán Carey


In Finglas during the 1970s, an area known as Dunsink, a wild place mostly used for recreational purposes by the local community for walks and amateur horse racing, was destroyed. A once fairy fort was leveled to make way for a county council dumping site. Skip forward 10 years to 1980 and the discovery of toxic waste in the landfill by locals sparks protests in the surrounding communities. A protest that instills a rebellious spirit in Faolán’s family and defines their lifetimes and, as a result, his own.
Now as an adult he returns to the land, both, to show what has come of it since the council’s commitment to using it as a landfill and also in an attempt to understand the nature of the beast.
This grotesque and cursed landscape and its significance in his life, during a time of personal loss.


Limited edition of 200
TLP Editions, Published by PhotoIreland
Softcover, 120gsm paper
36 pages
148×210 mm

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