Looking for the Masters in Ricardo's Golden Shoes, Catherine Balet

Dewi Lewis Publishing

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Looking for the Masters in Ricardos Golden Shoes is a collaboration between a photographer intrigued by the evolution of photography and her friend Ricardo, who became both her muse and her model. Begun in July 2013 at the Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival as a joyful celebration of the photographers exhibited that year, it quickly developed into a deeper, more challenging project.

Starting with a 1839 self-portrait the series seeks to make sense of the 21st Century’s photographic landscape by both examining its past and by identifying some of the latest photographic trends. Ricardo’s golden shoes walk from one world to another tracing a considered and thoughtful route through 176 years of photographic history to create a subjective overview of an imaginary museum.

Published by Dewi Lewis Publishing
Hardback - clothbound with gold edged pages
256 pages
215 × 167 mm
ISBN: 9781911306009

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