Courier Magazine, Issue 34



Startup culture is changing the world. Courier Magazine sits at the heart of this revolution. Courier reports on modern business and startup culture from our headquarters in east London on topics from around the world.

Issue 34 centres around making it in the world of food and drink – a jam-packed special edition featuring the latest trends, brands, people and opportunities.

Also in this issue:

 -The business model of ghost kitchens

-Seaweed’s superpowers

-Dealing with geopolitical shifts

-Australia’s croissant queen

-An eating tour of Tel Aviv

-Fascinating food media

-A renegade urban winery

-Find funding in your supply chain

-Yakitori 101

-A portrait of Joe Holder

-Speciality stores from Lisbon to Tokyo

-Building trust online

-Direct-to-consumer cookware

-The economics of cafes

-Living with LA’s larb king

Published by Courier
194 x 260 mm
ISBN 9772396933019

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