Voices of Photography: Shout 2017

Voices of Photography

SHOUT is a special issue series published by Voices of Photography with no stylistic limitations.

The 2017 issue contains four image compilations by four young artists from Taiwan Ting-Ting Cheng, Li-Chung Lee, Yun-Yi Liu, and Sheng-Wen Lo. From the image culture of mass tourist consumerism to the modern variation of traditional Taiwanese temples, to the historical accounts behind the ruins of a marginal island and even the image archives of nuclear detonation sites around the world, we are moving along in this society of the spectacle, exploring, doubting and thinking about the sights and sounds that we experience

Published by Voices of Photography
Softcover, 6 publications in cardboard case
208 pages
193 × 255 mm
ISBN: 4712918810256

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