Varoom Issue 35: The Storytelling Issue



Varoom is a unique magazine commenting and discussing the contemporary illustrated image, and features interviews with illustrators, image-makers and designers as well as articles on different aspects of contemporary illustration by leading commentators.

Tool Tales
You know how you feel when you don't have the pencil, the paper, the brush? The tools we work with shape our sense of who we are and how we feel when creating. Varoom asks Ralph Steadman, Felt Mistress and Pavneet Sembhi how their tools shape their storytelling and imagination.

Tell Me A Story
Storytelling is at the heart of illustration, but what inspires image-makes to tell stories? And what are the key elements of storytelling. Varoom asked Julian Glander, Huntley Muir, Isol and Loup Blaster to tell us the story of their story-making.

Top 10: Cover Stories
We mightn’t judge a book by its cover but we often remember a book by its cover. Great illustrated book covers frame our reading, creating a unique ecology of story- teller, image-maker and reader. For their Top 10, designers and editors select the cover image that shaped their experience of the book in profound or surprising ways.

Coal face/Get to Work
‘Who have been the three most important people in the story of your career?’ This is the question Varoom posed to a broad spectrum of those working in the illustration industry, three illustrators and a literary agent who also represents illustrators.

The Commission, The Client, The Creative
In the professional relationship between client and image-maker, nailing the brief depends on everything from the client choosing the right creative for the job in the first place to the image-maker responding to feedback. Simon Edmunds, Digital Media Manager at Save the Children and illustrator David Foldvari

Industry Insight:
Children’s Books
Sarah McIntyre on The Can Opener’s Daughter, by Rob Davis.
Derek Brazell selects Melanie Reim's drawings from the USA election
Advertising: Stuart Lang selects Pietari Posti’s campaign for Canderel France
Public Realm
Luise Vormittag selects Rebecca Davies’ Oasis Social Club
Shane Walter on Rain or Shine, Nexus’ interactive 360˚ mobile VR short film made for Google Spotlight Stories. Directed by Felix Massie.
Zoe Taylor selects Mari Jacotey’s Loveless bag collection for McQueen.

A Maker’s Guide: Storytelling Virtual Reality
Peter Lyle puts the current buzz around VR into perspective and asks pioneers in the field to share their insight into a medium that may change our experience of storytelling and the commerce that relies on it. Interviews with Swiss Design studio Apelab, drawing tutor Roderick Mills, Chris O’Reilly CEO of Nexus Productions and illustrator Jan Rothuizen.

Storytelling Roundtable
An insightful discussion on the changing forms of storytelling with Pen Mendonca, an illustrator and graphic facilitator who helps communities and policy-makers tell their stories through unique narrative visualisations; Olivia Ahmad, curator at the House of Illustration who in the two years since its opening has helped to transform the public story of illustration, and illustrator/animator Jack Sachs whose original approach and use of new technology has drawn prestigious clients such as the Tate to his door. Moderated by Varoom editor John O’Reilly.

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