Thai Politics 5, Miti Ruangkritya

Self Published

Images of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee group’s #occupybangkok campaign, taken at the beginning of 2014.

The PDRC aimed to dispossess the influences of the former exiled Prime Minister; Thaksin Shinnawatra and erected campsites throughout Bangkok during the protest, which later moved to Lumpini – a 57.6 Hectare park in the city. The city quickly became subsumed by this new presence, as tents sprang up within the streets next to the roads, besides electricity poles, under public stairways and within car parks. The series forms part of a wider collection concerning Thai Politics, stemming from 2006 Yellow Shirt movement against the former Prime Minister; Thaksin Shinnawatra.

Self Published
Numbered, signed
Edition of 500
88 pages
140 × 210 mm

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