Point.51 issue 2



Point.51 is an independent print magazine of long-form journalism and documentary photography exploring essential contemporary issues in Europe – one at a time. 

Issue 2: Britain 

Issue 2 focuses on Britain at a time of unprecedented global attention, featuring ;  

- In London, a meeting with the changemakers at the front of the new wave of climate activism as the future of the planet competes with Brexit for attention. 

- A journey to Scotland to meet the man who stole a symbolic stone from Westminster Abbey in 1950 and brought it back home in the name of Scottish nationalism, sparking a nationwide manhunt. 

- Visiting Port Talbot in Waled, one of Britain's last surviving steel towns, to meet the people determined to see the town reinvent itself. 

- Across the Irish sea, a visit to Dublin and Belfast - and the towns in between- to talk to people worried about the return of the ''hard boarder''.

- Travelling to the exact locations of some of the most important vents in Britain's modern history to see them as they are today. 

- An insight into meeting British immigrants in Bulgaria, who have made one of the EU's poorest member states their home. 

- A trip to Albania, a country hoping to join the EU as Britain prepares to leave, challenging the idea that geography alone can make one European. 

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