Iceview Volume 2


ICEVIEW Volume 2 is a bilingual collection of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art that investigates the implications of tourism, leisure travel, and creative practices abroad. Calling into question romanticized notions of place in the context of individual and collective experience, this volume seeks not to provide answers but carve new avenues of inquiry within the realm of selfhood, culture, environment, and movement.

Featuring work from: Michael Coppelov, Egle Duleckyte, Sarah Flynn, Philip Ob Rey, Justin Levesque, Rhona Taylor, Lea Donnan, Alec Von Bargen, Katie Craney, Matthew Broadhead, Hildur Knutsdottir, Emma Gibson, Melody Woodnutt, Tobias Peterson, John Sibley Williams, Laufey Lind Ingibergsdottir, and Stuart Klipper.

96 pages
130 cm x 200 mm
ISSN: 25476491

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