Doc! Magazine 10.45

Blow Up Press


  • Joan Alvado  Cuban Muslims: Tropical Faith  
  • Peter Bauza  – South Sudan: Dying Country
  • Lorenzo Castore  Land
  • Nathalie Daoust  – Korean Dreams
  • Kacper Kowalski  Hare and Hounds
  • Eduardo Leal  Cholita’s Rise
  • Sergey Melnitchenko  Behind the Scenes
  • Betty Press  More Than Meets the Eye: Photographs of Mississippi
  • Zhang Huan & Shozo Shimamoto  Stage and Meta-stage: The Superimposed Subject Matter (in cooperation with fontaine b. and courtesy of the DSL Collection and the Morra Foundation)
  • Grzegorz Wełnicki  – Eternal


  • Hans Peter Kuhn  That Is When Photography Makes Sense in My Eyes (interview by Chiara Valci Mazzara)
  • Jean-François Leroy - The Photojournalism Is Still Kicking (interview by Grzegorz Kosmala)
  • Sergey Melnitchenko  Think Less, Shot More, and Rely on Your Intuition (interview by Anna Akage)


  • Anna Akage & Inti Celis  Be Careful with the Addiction to the Adrenaline
  • Jens Pepper  Poet of Radical Photography
  • Georges Vercheval  Georges Rousse and the Great War: A Creative Document
  • Wojtek Wieteska  The American Digital Memory Dream

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