Bloomers Magazine Issue 3: Shape Histories

Bloomers Magazine


BLOOMERS is an independent publication which celebrates the work of emerging female Artists based in Ireland. BLOOMERS intends to aid emerging female artists by showcasing and discussing their work online and in print.

'Shape Histories' is a collection of speculative fiction written in response to work by artists, Deirdre Breen, Robyn Carey, Gráinne Nagle and Sophia Vigne - Emerging female artists who are producing work that is abstract, geometric and bold.

Writers Emily O'Brien, Cora Lenihan, Theo Hynan-Ratcliffe and Ilyana Kuhling were tasked with producing a response to a given artists work that reimagined the history of a 'shape' that they observed in the work. The resulting pieces have titles such as 'Panthalassa : The Shape of a Dream’, 'We Begin in Light : The Shape of Time’ and so on, and are imbued with interrogative and intimate ideas - informed by the work of four of these talented emerging female artists.

210 × 297 mm

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