Holy Show Issue 1

Holy Show

Holy Show is a magazine of contemporary life and culture as seen through the eyes of Ireland’s artists. It adapts stories from the artists and their projects to the printed page. It showcases work from a diverse range of forms, like theatre, film, dance, music, visual art, and draws out compelling non-fiction narratives and critical writings that help us to understand who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re going as a society.

Issue 1 featuring: 

• A gonzo travelogue to Dawn Easter Mass in County Kerry;
•An essay on the topic of bogs, family and Alzheimer’s disease paired with     photography;  
• A conversation between a writer and a Senator on the subject of education in Ireland, alongside photos from a documentary style book;
• Musings on a piece of RTÉ archival footage from Halloween in County Cavan  1986
• A photo-essay slash memoir arranged for the stage and adapted to print;
• A collaboration between a poet, a film-maker and a choreographer; 
• A conversation set round a kitchen table in Kinvara about a long lost portrait.

Self Published
96 pages
190 x 270 mm
ISBN: 9781916163201

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