Fathers And Sons, Ivan Turgenev


From the ROADS Classics series, which aren't just an enthralling read, they are also beautifully designed works of art featuring individual photographs or illustrations that represent major themes from the stories within. A real treat for all book lovers.

Set in nineteenth-century Russia, as the country was emerging from the painful legacy of serfdom, Fathers and Sons theme is universal: the ideological conflict between generations. At its centre are Bazarov a posturing nihilist who rejects all social institutions and Arkady, who has been taken in by Bazarov's revolutionary ideas. When they return from university in St. Petersburg to visit their parents, their modern cynicism collides with the liberal-minded and reformist nature of their elders. Emotional concerns complicate political principles, as always, while deepening and confusing alliances. Political and domestic, witty and stern Fathers and Sons is a fresh and compassionate masterpiece that is considered to be Turgenev's best novel.

Published by Roads
256 pages
130 x 190 mm.
ISBN: 9781909399549

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