Repeal the 8th, Una Mullally (Ed.)


A collection of stories, essays, poetry and photography around the movement for reproductive rights in Ireland. Abortion is illegal in almost every circumstance in Ireland. It is the only democracy in the Western world that continues to deny women living in the country, north and south, basic bodily autonomy, basic rights and basic healthcare. The movement to repeal the Eighth Amendment and make abortion legal in Ireland has grown massively over the last few years. This anthology shares the literature, personal stories, opinions, photography, art and design that the movement has produced, as well as new works it has inspired. 

It is urgent and sad, it is poignant and pointed, but is tells a story that we cannot ignore and should not forget. It is both a reflection and a rallying call. Its existence is necessary but the goal is that it does not exist at all.

Featuring prize-winning novelists, critically acclaimed poets, cutting-edge artists and journalists on the front line, this anthology will be the definitive collection of the art inspired by the most pressing debate in contemporary Ireland, and beyond.

Featuring: Aisling Bea, Anne Enright, Tara Flynn, Sinéad Gleeson, Lisa McInerney, Caitlin Moran, Louise O'Neill, and more. 

Published by Unbound
214 pages
130 x 195 mm.
ISBN: 9781783525164

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