Reasons, Cristina Gismondi



Reasons is a photographic documentation of the artist’s experiential perception through a meditative journey. Cristina Gismondi uses this form of photographic reflection in order to process the energy that humans may observe and perceive within their environment. It is a visual acknowledgement that assists her throughout her path towards balance and serenity.

There are three parts to this photographic series. The first part consists of a reflective approach of the steps made on a travel venture through Japan, in a solitary search for enlightenment. In the second part, Cristina reflects on an observational awareness she attained through a mindful state of being. In the Third part, she proposes that the photographer’s observational point isn’t stationery and is consistently evolving, yet the darkness still stands visible.

Through this series, Cristina invites viewers to engage in practicing an observational approach, in an attempt to bring one into a present state of awareness, in other words, enlightenment.

Limited edition of 200
TLP Editions, Published by PhotoIreland Foundation
Softcover, 120gsm paper
36 pages
148×210 mm

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