Terry ii (Nostalgia), Dorje de Burgh




Bathed in beige nostalgia for a bucolic Central Perk Comedy Channel American Century, what in fact is this era – or at the very least, what is its name? That the acutely contemporaneous moment has no commonly-agreed-upon umbrella term of comforting categorization would appear symptomatic of some darkly allegorical void at the heart of our very own post-grand-narrative. What do you call the present when the future is cancelled?

Dorje de Burgh works within the dark poetics and (self-) reflexive potential of the photographic quotidian. Oblique documentary/collage/video work draws upon lack, liminality, libidinal excess and the paradoxes of dematerialised (image) desire in a schizoid present. His practice is currently concerned with the speculative interrogation of the family archive, centred upon the examination of the photograph’s ruptured relationship with index, memory, temporality, and death within the non-analogue moment.


Terry ii (Nostalgia)
Archival Inkjet print (Original collage available)
46 x 36 cm. Framed / 42 x 32 cm. Unframed
Edition of 10 (+ original collage)
€350 Framed Original / €105 Unframed

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