CURA. Issue 25


Published by CURA.
232 pages
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CURA. is a curatorial/editorial platform, founded by Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin in 2009. CURA. magazine includes specific sections devoted to the curatorial approaches of the past and present and special interventions by expressly invited curators and artists, the actors of novel interactions between text, graphics and images. Conversations, visual essays, critical texts, thematic analyses, lab projects are just some of the various formats through which the contents of the magazine are developed and presented. The different sections allow the exploration and presentation of a wide range of artistic practices and are the facets of a single and organic research project, conducted through the pages of the magazine and also developed within the other activities of CURA. platform. The paper medium is intended as a dynamic and flexible exhibition space in constant evolution, where the reader can discover the most interesting expressions of contemporary visual arts.

CURA. 25 summer issue celebrates its special edition, dedicated to 25 (+1) outstanding protagonists of the contemporary art scene, selected among the most interesting female artists of the new generation. Women are the protagonists of this iconic issue, thanks to a series of multi-faced portraits and to the contribution of an international board of critics and curators. Far from the more radical expressions of feminism, the new generation of women artists defines a refreshed attitude toward hot themes connected with intimacy, sexuality, the body, daily life, public and private space, race, gender, family, roles, tradition, social and political engagement.


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