Photobook Phenomenon

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Photobook Phenomenon
Various authors
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
English (Spanish version Fenómeno Fotolibre also available)

8 saddle-stitched softcover booklets and a poster in a cardboard folder
112 pages
240 x 300 mm.
ISBN: 9788417047030


Photobook Phenomenon highlights the role of the photobook in contemporary visual culture and takes it as the departure point for a reinterpretation of the history of photography. Nine curators with years of expertise in the forefront of the photobook movement share their respective visions.

Published to accompany the  joint exhibition at the CCCB and at Fundació Foto Colectania.

1. Photobook Phenomenon – Moritz Neumuller and Lesley A.Martin

2. Reading New York. A PhotoBookStudy on William Klein’s ‘Life is Good & Good for You in New York’ – Marcus Schaden and Frederic Lezmi

3. The Collector’s Vision – Martin Parr’s Best Photobooks

4. The Library Is The Museum – Horacio Fernandez

5. Five Aspects of Japanese Photobooks – Ryuichi Kaneko

6. Propaganda books versus protest books – Gerry Badger

7. Fascinations and Failures – Erik Kessels

8. Contemporary Practices – Irene de Mendoza and  Moritz Neumuller

About the Publisher:
The CCCB’s publications service is in charge of collating and publishing the contents generated by the Centre’s activities. Since the year 1994, it has published over 200 titles in different languages (mainly Catalan, Spanish and English), which include exhibition catalogues, publications of the best lectures held during the year (Breus and Dixit collections), collections of speeches (Ubanitats collection), and audiovisual and digital publications.

Publications contribute to the written and visual memory of the CCCB and constitute a source for those people interested in humanistic, artistic, urban design, sociological,, scientific and philosophical issues in contemporary culture. A selection can be consulted at the CCCB Archive.

Luigi Ghirri

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Luigi GhirriLuigi Ghirri
Luigi Ghirri
The Douglas Hyde Gallery


66 pages
184×108 mm
ISBN: Not available


Published on the occasion of the Luigi Ghirri exhibition at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, July 31 – September 30, 2015. Includes text by John Hutchinson and images of all of the photographs included in the exhibition.

Luigi Ghirri’s photographs can seem nostalgic, but they woudn’t have come across that way in the 1970s, when most of them were taken. He liked unremarkable places such as seaside resorts, amusement parks, farmhouses, tourist attractions, and nondescript city streets; he wasn’t drawn to anything particularly dramatic, nor did he invest them with strong feeling. Ghirri’s was an enigmatic vision of the everyday; he chose to make strange the ordinary, revealing life as a little empty and alienated but never especially unhappy or disturbing.

Although his deadpan images are apparently effortless, they are possessed of understated and puzzling complexity; beneath their calm surfaces there is a peculiar ambiguity that can be associated with the passing of time, and with doubt, humour, and mystery. Operating in a liminal space between realism and metaphysics – not unlike his Italian compatriots Giorgio de Chirico and Giorgio Morandi – Ghirri quietly draws our attention to things, relationships, and ideas that most people don’t notice.

Luigi Ghirri (1943 – 1992) has received much acclaim for his photographs in the past decade. In 2008, the Aperture Foundation produced the first book on his work in English, and his work was featured in the 2011 and 2013 Venice Biennales.

The Douglas Hyde Gallery was founded in 1978 by Trinity College and the Arts Council of Ireland.

The Gallery is also known for its publications, which are sold and distributed worldwide. Exhibition catalogues are usually published in a consistent house style, and there are over sixty titles in the current series.




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